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Fee Proposals – Honest & Transparent

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We recognise that value for money is a pre-requisite for all business expenditure. Professional fees are no exception.

We have the following values, to which we adhere;

  • Fairness – we don’t judge
  • Sound recommendations (with evidence to support)
  • Long Term plans/strategy
  • Excellence in Primary & Remedial care
  • Serving you as an individual and respecting your complete confidentiality
  • Understanding your pain
  • Intervention Parsimony with an outcomes based perspective
  • Team commitment – we work together
  • Honest & Candid communications
  • Transparency & Collaboration

Finally, our Mission is to be: Clear, Fair & Evidence Based

We always adopt an open and transparent approach to fees. We are proud of this principle and our reputation in this respect and believe this sets us apart from our competitors. We strive to set our fee levels on a practical and fair basis, based upon the level of staff involved, their particular skills and the time called for to complete our work, without compromising on quality.
Indicative fees in relation to our services could be summarised as follows: FCA Authorisation Application Services associated with new or startup authorisation applications.
Review of FCA authorisation application pack already completed: ₤ 2,250 – ₤ 3,500.
Further to our review we shall provide recommendations to you for update to ensure that the application pack meets the FCA expectations.
Completion of and project managing the FCA authorisation application pack for: ₤ 5,250 – ₤ 6,500.
Compliance Documentation including Compliance Manual and Monitoring Programme and required policies (CMP) *: ₤ 3,200- 4,350.
* Note the CMP is required to be submitted with the FCA application pack.
Ongoing retained regulatory compliance support.
On-site compliance reviews on a monthly, quarterly or six monthly basis, in line with your requirements:.
Potential areas for additional support Our indicative costs.
Monthly face-to-face ₤ 1,000 – ₤ 1,300 per month.
Quarterly face-to-face ₤ 850 – ₤ 1,150 per month.
Six monthly face-to-face ₤ 550 – ₤ 800 per month.
In providing these fee estimates we have included an indicative range formed on the information you have provided to us in regard to the intended business model, however the scope of work and our final fees will be agreed with you once we have full view of the Firm’s permission and you have further identified your requirements.
Ad-hoc advice and projects.
This will be provided as a pay as you go service for any help and support you may require beyond the scope of the Retained Service above. Whether it is related to drafting a new policy, training or simply answering a query you may have at any given time, the scope of work and a fee estimate will be agreed with you beforehand. The cost of our ad-hoc services will indicatively be charged on the basis of time spent at our hourly rates as follows:
Resource Hourly rate.
Director ₤ 165 ph.
Associate Director ₤ 128 ph.
Managing Consultant ₤ 103 ph.
Senior Consultant ₤ 85 ph.
Consultant ₤ 65 ph.
‘Honest’ fees
Before each assignment commences we will agree which of our proposed rates applies and the budgeted number of days for the expected completion of the assignment. We will conduct careful initial detailed budgeting at staff member and activity level. We will also offer a fixed rate for the service.
Other services.
We will agree terms of reference/letter of engagement and fees for any additional work in advance.
The clock does not start running as soon as we pick up the phone to a client. We want to encourage you to call us as early as possible, since our aim is to resolve issues before they become problems. We will not charge you for general telephone calls, but obviously will charge you if further action is required (although we will, of course, agree our fees with you beforehand).
Billing arrangements, including payment terms.
The firm has a 7 day payment terms for payments whether initial or subsequent. Our proposed fees exclude necessary disbursements, for example, travel, which will be billed at cost, and VAT (if applicable), which is payable at the standard rate prevailing at the time of billing.
Relevant experience.
Compliance Consultant has the expertise and experience to meet your needs.

If you have any queries, please call our Compliance Consultant London Office on 0207 097 1434

Lee Werrell Chartered FCSI
Compliance Doctor
Making Compliance Work.

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