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FCA Application Rejected or Declined?

When it comes to your FCA authorisation application they often seem like faceless people making decisions on your future livelihood.

Sometimes their lack of, or even deluge of detail regarding FCA approval process  decision can make you frustrated or angry. This can cause upset and friction within the new business, either start-up or diversification. Business partners fly off the handle at the drop of hat.

Guidance and direction is freely available from the FCA but sometimes it seems they are talking a different language.

We can help you rectify the issues.

Often your FCA authorisation application may lack the depth of content or description that the regulator looks for. They have a difficult job insomuch as they are there to protect the public from scams, charlatans, badly run businesses and any criminal activity that is inherent or who could take over your firm’s operations. The fca approval process is considered to be thorough, however they are also not always very experienced in the commercial world, and need to have things explained.

That’s where we can help. We have over 20 years regulatory experience and all of our consultants are qualified and experienced in their field. We don’t talk around the houses, we tell it to you straight. We will tell you what needs to be done, then help you do it, in partnership with us. 

But don’t take our word for it – See for yourself. Our reviews speak for themselves. Our Google Reviews are public knowledge , and rather than give you a link – please simply Google “Compliance Consultants London” and ‘Compliance Consultant‘ is usually top the leader board with the map – click on our Google Website Page, scroll down under the pictures and see the reviews. Alternatively, click HERE.

Whether your application is for AML Registration (Crypto etc) or a FCA authorisation application to get authorised under any of the other financial services legislation (FSMA Part IV, PSD2 etc), we have the experience, the knowledge, the qualifications, and WE CARE!

Regulatory consulting from FCA compliance consultants, the niche consultancy known nationwide as the 'compliance consultant london'.Complete the form below – Call us on +44 (0) 207 907 1434

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