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Top Asset Management Companies or Investment Management Companies UK 2022 (Jul)

What is an Asset Management Company (AMC)?

An asset management company (AMC) is a firm that invests a pooled fund of capital on behalf of its clients. The capital is used to fund different investments in various asset classes. Asset management companies are sometimes referred to as money managers or money management firms as well. Top asset management firms attract the greater number of clients due to the exemplary performance they achieve through their decisions. See below for the top asset management companies UK.

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Asset management companies come in many different forms and structures, such as:
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Index funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Other funds
In addition, they invest on behalf of various types of clients, such as:
  • High-net-worth clients
  • Institutional investors
  • Public sector (government organizations)
  • Private sector
  • Retail investors

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Asset Management Companies 

Individual investors usually lack the expertise and resources to consistently produce strong investment returns over time. Therefore, many investors rely on asset management companies to invest capital on their behalf.
Asset management companies are usually a group of investment professionals with broad market expertise. With a large amount of pooled capital, they are able to utilize diversification and complex investment strategies to generate returns for investors.
AMCs generally charge a fee to their clients that is equal to a percentage of total assets under management (AUM). AUM is simply the total amount of capital provided by investors.
An asset management fund may charge a 2% fee on AUM. Consider as an example an asset manager who oversees a $100 million fund. The fees for one year or another time period will be $2 million ($100 million x 2.0%).
These group level figures include funds of funds that mainly invest in external funds (those run by other groups) or overseas funds. However, figures exclude funds investing in internal funds (i.e. those run by the same group) to avoid double counting of fund assets at group level.

This explains why the sum of the group level figures for funds under management is different to the totals shown in other reports (except in the case of ISA reports).

These figures include UK domiciled funds only.

**Data is uploaded approximately three months in arrears**

Most recent data available: July 2022 – The Top 30

CompanyTotal Funds Under Management ValueRank
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited81,365,001,7181
Link Fund Solutions Limited59,695,264,0002
Royal London Unit Trust Managers Ltd51,203,831,5823
Aberdeen Standard Fund Managers Limited49,767,336,6284
Legal & General (Unit Trust) Managers Limited49,557,989,1525
Scottish Widows Unit Trusts Managers45,302,883,4396
Fidelity Worldwide Investment43,291,003,7227
Baillie Gifford & Co Limited41,442,919,6598
Schroder Unit Trusts Limited37,907,958,2669
M&G Securities Limited32,595,926,34010
Vanguard Investments UK Limited31,840,848,22611
BNY Mellon Fund Managers Limited31,437,546,58212
Threadneedle Investment Services Ltd30,153,911,85214
Janus Henderson Investors28,435,514,08115
Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Limited28,102,980,39916
HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited27,071,805,79917
Artemis Fund Managers Ltd19,757,107,02418
Quilter Investors Limited19,347,603,41220
Aviva Investors UK Fund Services Limited18,645,838,81621
HBOS Investment Fund Managers Limited18,477,215,35022
J.P. Morgan Asset Management17,464,870,50024
Smith & Williamson Fund Administration16,527,169,95525
Liontrust Fund Partners LLP15,958,665,24926
First State Investments (UK) Ltd14,390,666,59227
State Street Global Advisors UK Ltd13,995,642,47628
AXA IM UK Limited13,425,049,03029
Merian Investment Management Limited11,348,969,09430


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