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FCA Decline/Reject CryptoAsset Firms

The FCA, under the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive have required FCA crypto registration  for Anti-Money Laundering.

Many FCA crypto registration applications have been rejected or recommended to withdraw due to a poor standard of completion.

FCA crypto registration regulations are developing every day.

FCA crypto registration is akin to an authorisation and requires a lot of information, packaged in the right way. Additional forms need completing to accompany your application. If you use the wrong words, the FCA can see red flags and this will go against you.

We can help you, like all the other firms we help, to get your business on the right track and as long as your business model is sound – we can provide the right package for your next submission with the FCA crypto registration.

If you want to reapply with a greater potential of success, working with specialists who will work with you throughout the process, help answer any questions and advise you on the correct responses,  call the specialists in this area – Compliance Consultant, based in London and operates globally in regulatory matters including compliance and risk.

The FCA crypto registration list is pitifully small as too many companies thought it was a simple form filling exercise. The FCA crypto registration process is detailed and thorough and you have to understand the anti-money laundering regulations and how it impacts your business, what you need to know, how it all works and how your customers are impacted.

Regulatory consulting from FCA compliance consultants, the niche consultancy known nationwide as the 'compliance consultant london'.Call us on 0800 689 0190 (UK)  or +44 (0) 207 907 1434 or email

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