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FCA Change In Control: What is Needed and Why

FCA Change In ControlFCA Change In Control: What is Needed and Why

This book provides an overview of the FCA’s change of control requirements for financial services firms in the UK. It covers the different types of changes in control, the thresholds that trigger notification requirements, the information that must be included in notifications, and the process for obtaining FCA approval for changes in control.

Key Features:

Comprehensive overview of FCA’s change of control requirements
Clear explanations of complex regulatory concepts
Practical guidance for compliance
Up-to-date information on FCA’s latest guidance changes

Subjects Covered:
Types of Changes in Control
Thresholds for Notification
Information Required in Notifications
Obtaining FCA Approval
Consequences of Non-Compliance
Invaluable Appendix with FCA Change of Control Forms

Discover the essential guide to FCA’s change of control requirements. Understand thresholds, notifications, and the approval process. Avoid legal consequences and stay compliant. Perfect for financial firms, advisors, and professionals. Get your copy today!

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