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Compliance Consultant: Typical costs and more detailed ranges

forex brokerage licenceCompliance Consultant: Typical costs and more detailed ranges

Approximate Costs

FCA Authorisation/Registration | Small Firms: From £8,500
Medium-Sized Firms: From £25,000
Banks & Insurance Companies: From £120,000
Audit & Projects | Governance Review: From £4,500
AML Review: From £5,100
AR Network Review: From £12,000
Training Courses: From £1,800 [up to 20 people per 2 x 3Hr sessions per day]
Other Services | Compliance and Risk Framework Design: From £15,000, Complaints & File Checks – on application

Implementation of Compliance Change Programmes

At Compliance Consultant London, we understand that the cost of regulatory compliance consultancy can vary based on the level of expertise required for each task. Here are the prices for our services, giving you an idea of the typical costs involved:

For firms seeking FCA authorisation or registration, as well as assistance in preparing for the FCA’s Consumer Duty, our prices range as follows:
– Small firms: From £8,500 to £25,000 (typical cost £12,500 to £18,300)
– Medium-sized firms: From £25,000 (typical cost £28,500 to £78,290)
– Banks & Insurance Companies: From £120,000 (typical cost £186,000 to £324,600)

If you require independent audits of your compliance arrangements or need help with specific projects like implementing new regulations, we offer the following services:
– Governance review: From £4,500 (typical cost £6,600 to £14,860)
– AML review: From £5,100 (typical cost £5,500 to £12,200)
– AR Network review: From £12,000 (typical cost £18,000 to £17,400)

Our training courses cover various compliance topics, including FCA Consumer Duty, financial crime, and risk management. Prices start from £1,800 for up to 20 people per 2 x 3-hour sessions per day (typical cost £2,200 to £4,800).

Additionally, we provide other services such as compliance and risk framework design, as well as the implementation of compliance change programmes. Prices for these services start from £15,000 (typical cost £17,600 to £22,000).

Suitability file checks are from £95 per case (min £20 per month).

Complaint Handling is from £850 per day and will vary. If file is sent through incomplete, chasing for outstanding items is charged at £60 per time.

Apart from our competitive pricing, we offer several additional benefits:

– Understanding your specific needs: We take the time to comprehend your requirements before providing recommendations or solutions.
– Value-driven approach: Our recommendations and solutions are designed to deliver both cost savings and risk mitigation.
– Experienced professionals: Our team boasts over 130 years of collective experience in the financial services industry, with each consultant having held senior management positions within large companies for a minimum of five years.

Compliance Consultant London is a reputable compliance consultancy, known for its comprehensive range of services that help firms comply with regulatory requirements. Our client-centric approach, commitment to providing value, and seasoned professionals make us a trusted resource for firms aiming to enhance their compliance posture.

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