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Compliance Annual Reporting Requirement

Compliance Annual Reporting

Compliance Annual Reporting

Annual Compliance Report
Providing a written annual compliance report to board of directors in respect of compliance on an at least annual basis is a requirement of the FCA Systems & Controls (SYSC) Handbook.  When creating your compliance report template, the areas covered should include your compliance monitoring, policies and procedures and the overall Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) risk management processes you have in place.  You might also wish to provide details of any “horizon” or issues whereby compliance monitoring is to be undertaken in the course of the next year.  We normally recommend a quarterly, six and 12-month perspective for this report and MI trends identified.
Money Laundering Reporting Officer (‘MLRO’) Report
The firm’s MLRO is required to submit a report to your Governing Body on an at least annual basis in respect of the operation and effectiveness of your firm’s anti-money laundering systems and controls.  We normally recommend a two-month timeframe for this report.

Don’t forget this includes results of “Reviewing Policies and Procedures”

Compliance monitoring obligation

The FCA require firms to regularly assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the measures they have put in place to comply with all applicable FCA rules, through active compliance monitoring. If you have been affected by recent rule changes, this is a suitable time to satisfy yourself that you are complying with the new rules. When creating their annual compliance report to board of directors, firms are encouraged to take a risk-based approach, so there are a number of ways in which Compliance Consultant can really help:

  • Review and update your existing monitoring programme to ensure it is risk focused and fit for purpose.

  • Perform an independent compliance effectiveness review of any internal monitoring that you have conducted. We recommend that this is completed at least every two years.

  • Conduct a monitoring review into one or more specific areas of your compliance arrangements and provide a report on any deficiencies.

  • Provide a fully outsourced compliance monitoring review.

As the FCA imposes more (and larger) fines on individual board members and senior managers, we feel that compliance monitoring is probably the best investment a firm can make to protect itself and its board.

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    This guide is only an aide memoire and intended for information only for anyone appraising the documentation needed in an audit/compliance check. It is not to be considered as direct advice or intended to replace specific 1 to 1 engagement with your compliance and risk professional.


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