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UK Column News – 25th August 2016 UK Column

UK Column News – 25th August 2016
Today’s UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including:
START A Beer Hall Putsch in Austin Texas : Donald & Nigel Farage
04:28 Hillary Clinton – & the Soft Power of the Clinton Foundation
07:13 NHS subversion as ‘Health Service’ faces rapid Disintegration
09:44 EU Military Integration Advocate Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka
12:57 May Regime appoints Orwellian ‘Surveillance Commissioners’
19:14 Brandon Lewis MP : ‘the Silent Representative…’ Quiet as ever.
24:25 ‘A moste trustworthy IPCC,’ Independent from what though… ?
27:34 Wall of Silence : NLP Beyond Authority, Reframed & Inhumane
35:28 Social Housing & ‘Free Standing Financial Derivatives’ – Déjà vu?
37:54 ECB Insanities, Dystopian Policies, & a Full Spectrum Dominance
39:43 “So they’re deliberately crashing the system, is what he’s saying…”
43:12 Intense scrutiny of the public by lofty transnationalist psychopaths.
45:34 ‘Who trains New Civil Service recruits?’ NLP & Reframing Minds…
Brandon Lewis MP is rapidly becoming known as ‘the Silent Representative’ – his breathtaking silence on the Police Whistleblower interview released by UK Column just shy of one month ago is both appalling and profound, whilst his stonewalling of the open letter written at the end of July is equally damning.
The deceptive machinery of the Home Office has been laid bare for all to see. Their priorities are entirely divergent from the safety and wellbeing of the British public. All pretence at honourable conduct in public office has fallen by the wayside as individual actors within the Home Office have scrambled to save their own necks like chickens in disarray.
Malfeasance in public office is seldom so perfectly displayed.
Write to your MPs to inform them of this Whistleblower testimony. Ask what actions they intend to take to ensure that a proportional and comprehensive response is undertaken to investigate the veracity of these allegations and bring all guilty of criminal wrongdoing to account beneath the full force of British law.…

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