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NGA: Global Payroll

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Whether you call it global payroll, multi-country payroll, or simply payroll outsourcing, finding a reliable way to run payroll in many countries is no easy task.
Can you manage your HR data in a centralized way?
Can you rely on a secure and compliant payroll process in all geographies?
And do you have the local expertise to correctly process your payroll?
Is your HR system integrated with local payroll engines?
Is your HR solution flexible enough to follow your organization’s growth path?
We have a single solution to these issues.
NGA understands the complexity of managing payroll across multiple countries.
Over the years, we have built the tools and skills to deliver high-quality payroll services in more than 145 countries.
NGA’s Global Payroll offering enables you to:
– Easily connect NGA’s payroll network with a cloud based HR system, using a certified integration
– Manage your HR & payroll data centrally and easily access global payroll reports
– Run your payroll in more than145 countries
– Outsource your payroll processing to NGA, so you can focus on strategic HR matters
With NGA, your services are truly managed at the global level: one provider, one contract, one invoice, one contact person and one Service Level Agreement.
No need to worry about managing contracts for every single country anymore.
Thanks to NGA Global Payroll, multi-national companies can rely on a single specialist provider to run payroll in every currency, ensure regulatory compliance in every country and provide expert support to employees in 30 languages.
So, get started in 3 easy steps:
1- Select the NGA-certified cloud HRIS of your choice
2- Select the geographies for which you want NGA to run your payroll
3- Choose the payroll outsourcing model that best fits your needs
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