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Managing Compliance in Investment Services: A Practical Approach to the FCA Consumer Duty

A Practical Approach to the FCA Consumer DutyDelve into the intricacies of the FCA Consumer Duty and its profound impact on the investment services industry with this comprehensive guide. This book aims to equip professionals with the knowledge they need to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.

Discover the key principles and regulatory requirements of the FCA Consumer Duty as the book provides a deep understanding of the obligations imposed on investment services firms. CEOs, CFOs, Compliance and Risk Directors, and Managers will gain valuable insights into the significance of this duty and its implications for their organisations.

This guide illuminates the core tenets and mandates of the FCA Consumer Duty, offering an in-depth comprehension of the responsibilities it bestows upon investment service firms. It serves as an invaluable asset for CEOs, CFOs, Compliance and Risk Directors, and Managers, providing an understanding of the duty’s importance and its repercussions for their entities.

FCA Consumer Duty Strategies

Uncover practical strategies and guidance for managing compliance with the FCA Consumer Duty. Learn how to implement robust compliance frameworks, conduct thorough risk assessments, and develop policies and procedures that align with the duty’s requirements. Benefit from the expertise shared in this book to streamline your compliance practices and ensure regulatory adherence.

Explore real-world case studies and examples of best practices to overcome common challenges faced by investment services firms in achieving compliance. Industry leaders’ experiences will shed light on effective approaches, enabling you to learn from their successes and avoid potential pitfalls.

By adopting a practical approach to compliance and incorporating the FCA Consumer Duty into your operations, you can enhance customer trust, mitigate regulatory risks, and drive sustainable growth. This indispensable resource provides the knowledge and tools necessary for CEOs, CFOs, Compliance and Risk Directors, and Managers to achieve these objectives successfully.


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FCA Consumer Duty


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