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Cyber Resilience Framework; What’s Your Cyber Resilience Strategy?


For the last few years businesses are putting more and more data online and connecting their technology to larger and more complex external networks and cloud storage. This data is incredibly valuable, and as a result, cybercrime is no longer just about ‘hackers’, now it’s run by organised and sophisticated cybercriminals.

For cybercriminals, there are no limits or conscience, all business technology, staff and data are exploitable. They are simply looking for your vulnerabilities.

The consequences of a breach can be extremely serious, sometimes threatening the very life of your business. The loss of customer data, financial fraud, theft of business assets, business disruption, loss of reputation and compensation claims can all result in the slippery slope of disaster and bankruptcy.

Many businesses quite wrongly believe they are protected when, in fact, they are not. Many seem to think that the basic technical measures such as software patching, anti-malware, firewalls, back up, etc are effective. But the plain fact is that they are not providing the protection expected. If configured just slightly wrongly, they can be an open door to hackers.

Attacks may be specifically targeted against individual companies or may be totally indiscriminate. Methods of attack are developing all the time and are becoming more sophisticated.

Plus, to make matters worse, many business owners are either arrogant or ignorant and few businesses are actually and properly tackling the vulnerabilities surrounding people and process.

A huge percentage of breaches are caused by fraudulent emails, attachments or websites directed at staff, or people impersonating the organisation in emails or on line.

Cybersecurity is a threat to every element of your business. Your staff, technology and processes all need to be secure. One well meaning employee, could put your whole organisation at risk.

Working with you in the right way, you can rely on our experts to ensure your technical vulnerabilities are eliminated.

We can also provide staff e-learning policies and procedures, and all the right governance controls.

Our unrivalled service is geared to give you a level of cybersecurity and resilience you can rely on.

Contact us today to find out how together, we can make you cybersecure.

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