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Cyber Liability Insurance: Cyber risks – more than just hackers – Cyber risks are an everyday occurrence. Hackers obviously still pose a significant risk, but simple things like leaving your laptop unlocked, losing your blackberry or opening an infected email pose a similar threat. Our latest video communicates these key points, bringing to light the varied threats posed by the world of cyber, and the added protection Cyber Liability Insurance can offer.
When people hear the term cyber risk they tend to jump straight onto the topic of hacking and hackers. The reality is much closer to home.
While external threats are very real the everyday risks posed by you and your people are even more prevalent – like leaving a phone on a train.
A breach in sensitive information could be crippling and time consuming.
How much would you lose if your business closed for a week?
And whilst it might be nice to have a break from email how would your business cope without access to IT systems and services?
Both internal and external cyber risks are very real and affect businesses of all shapes and size.
Globally, there are over 1.5 million victims of cybercrime every day – Source: CSID Global Cyber Crime Statistics
74% of UK small businesses had a data security breach in 2015 – Source: PWC Information Security Breaches Survey 2015
For small businesses, the average cost of a security breach is £75,000 to £311,000 – Source: PWC Information Security Breaches Survey 2015
It’s important that you understand the risks faced by your business. Then you can put in place solutions to protect yourself against them.
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