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Compliance Consultant London: A Comprehensive Range of Services

fca Compliance Consultant, Regulatory Consultant

Compliance Consultant London: A Comprehensive Range of Services

When it comes to consultancy services, it’s important to consider the varying costs of regulatory compliance and the expertise level of the consultants involved. At Compliance Consultant, London, we understand the significance of transparency in pricing, which is why we provide you with a clear overview of our service costs.

FCA Authorisation:
– Small firms: Starting from £8,500 to £25,000 (typical cost £12,500 to £18,300)
– Medium-sized firms: Starting from £25,000 (typical cost £28,500 to £78,290)
– Banks & Insurance Companies: Starting from £120,000 (typical cost £186,000 to £324,600)

Audit & Projects:
– Governance review: Starting from £4,500 (typical cost £6,600 to £14,860)
– AML review: Starting from £5,100 (typical cost £5,500 to £12,200)
– AR Network review: Starting from £12,000 (typical cost £18,000 to £17,400)

– Compliance training courses: Starting from £1,800 [up to 20 people per 2 x 3Hr sessions per day] (typical cost £2,200 to £4,800)

– Compliance and risk framework design: Starting from £15,000 (typical cost £17,600 to £22,000)
– Implementation of compliance change programmes: Starting from £15,000 (typical cost £17,600 to £22,000)

At Compliance Consultant London, we go beyond just providing services. We offer additional benefits that set us apart:
– Client-centric approach: We take the time to thoroughly understand each client’s unique needs before offering tailored recommendations and solutions.

– Value-driven solutions: Our recommendations are designed to deliver value to our clients, ensuring cost savings and effective risk mitigation.
– Experienced professionals: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with over 130 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. Each consultant has held senior management positions for no less than five years within prominent companies.

In conclusion, Compliance Consultant London is a highly respected compliance consultancy offering a wide array of services to assist firms in meeting regulatory requirements. With our focus on understanding client needs, commitment to delivering value, and team of experienced professionals, we serve as a valuable resource for firms seeking to enhance their compliance posture.

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