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When you know cryptocurrency red flags are totally bad news

Transactional Red Flags

Some of the most common red flags are;

  1. Many payments in small amounts to avoid attracting attention

  2. High-value cryptocurrency transactions in only a short time period. Or staggered and regular patterns with no further transactions for a sustained period.

  3. Instantly transferring virtual funds out of highly controlled areas and into low-regulated dominions

  4. Immediately withdrawing virtual funds without any in-between transactions.

  5. Depositing previously identified stolen funds into crypto wallets.


See our further Red Flags for Crypto later.

Our Additional Services

We are qualified compliance specialists capable of handling you application from start to finish. Our fixed price quote includes all policies and an annual compliance monitoring plan as required by the regulator. All forms will be completed on your behalf (excluding electronic signatures etc.) unless you have already done so.

Plus we will answer any questions before submission and throughout the approval process. All regulator questions and requests for explanations throughout the approval process.


Need some refresher training?

We can provide remote or in house training on AML, we also have an online platform where you sit 100s of courses on the go.


In need of Compliance/MLRO support?

Sometimes company’s budgets are limited, or they only require a MLRO or Compliance Manager for a fraction of a week. These experienced and qualified individuals can help implement a compliance and/or AML framework and advise you on the relevant risks. We provide staff to function as interim managers for a minimum of 2 days per month


Looking for a KYC/AML software solution?

If you’re looking for a KYC/AML solution we can introduce you to a number of companies defendant on your individual needs.

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