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UK Financial Services Compliance Consultant ‘Premium Access Retainer Service’

We offer a Premium Access Retainer Service

Providing Your Firm With Fast, Accurate, Experience Based Quality Answers So You Can Move Ahead With Your Business Efficiently and Profitably.

We have a bespoke service starting from £250 pm.

Our Full Service Obviously Has The Following 11 Benefits;

  1. You will get a response within 3 hours by phone or email/text.

  2. From PBR, S165 or S166 (we were appointed as skilled persons in 2012), we will advise and make recommendations regarding what is required.

  3. Your issues take priority over other work whilst we respond to your query; additional research or further work that may be required will be quoted on.

  4. Products like our best-selling Compliance Manual/AML Policy & Procedures are provided at a heavy discount typically around 40%.

  5. Any services we offer is again heavily discounted from 5  – 20%.

  6. Normal service is mainstream hours Monday to Friday but weekends and evenings are ad-hoc, although we often can be found working into the night or across the weekends at some point. Holidays excepted, but happy to take emergency calls.

  7. You will receive a monthly “Statement of account” before the next billing cycle or after a purchase.

  8. We work on a first come, first served basis, so anyone paying ‘Premium Retainer’ for the longer time, gets priority over the other Premium Retainer clients – only if push comes to shove and we are snowed under.

  9. We occasionally have marketing promotions, and you get free gifts and/or free or heavily discounted event tickets for anything run by us.

  10. Also available for discussions on business strategy and marketing; areas we are also often asked about. Consumer Duty, UK GDPR, AML Reviews and FCA SMCR, our specialities.

  11. 30 min telephone/video call per month to discuss your regulatory needs or issues.

We only take on a maximum of 12 new clients per quarter. If you are too late for this quarter, we will add you to the list for the next quarter on a first-come-first-served basis.

EXAMPLE: Monthly cost = £1,150 subject to firm size of less than 20 staff inc directors/partners.

Regulatory consulting from FCA compliance consultants, the niche consultancy known nationwide as the 'compliance consultant london'.

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