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The Compliance Revolution: How Compliance Needs to Change to Survive (Wiley Finance)

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The Compliance Revolution Practical, Powerful Changes for Strategic Organizational Value Compliance is absolutely critical in creating a robust and resilient organization, one which is trusted by clients and contributes to market stability. Firms must approach compliance differently in order to meet these standards. Written for compliance staff, regulatory organizations, and senior management, The Compliance Revolution explains how key changes in compliance affect underlying principles, practices, roles, expectations and values. This valuable resource for global practitioners assists in navigating compliance requirements and implementing solid protection for a sound organization. Author David Jackman presents a coherent model for understanding and applying key developments in regulation and compliance. While the model is based on financial services, it can be applied to any sector and industry. It identifies five critical compliance components: Start-up, crises, expansion, sustainability, and outcomes-led focus. You will also discover: * Why compliance is worth spending money on * What your firm could and should be doing differently * The importance of ethics in compliance and regulatory challenges * How to create a pro-compliance culture * Ten principles of good governance and why good governance matters * How to employ judgment-based compliance * The features and benefits of corporate maturity The Compliance Revolution is a crucial asset for all those with stakes in compliance board members, compliance managers, and employees. David Jackman outlines key compliance challenges and reveals the practical tools and techniques required for successful practice. The insight, examples, and strategies in this comprehensive guidebook will help you and your organization achieve increasingly efficient, substantially more effective compliance procedures and practices.


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