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The Auditing Roundtable Basic EHS Skills Training Trailer

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The Auditing Roundtable is pleased to present this short trailer which introduces our latest training offering: Basic Environmental, Health & Safety Auditing Skills. The Basic Skills Auditing Course is designed to assist you in learning the fundamental principles and techniques all auditors should understand. This training course is applicable to environmental, health and safety, management system, or, any other auditing process.
About the Instructor: Ray Kane is a long time auditing veteran with over 30 years experience in the EHS auditing profession. He is a recognized author, lecturer and instructor on auditing skills and program development and has previously served on the Auditing Roundtable and BEAC Board of Directors.
The course consists of a Workbook and a DVD with six separate modules and a Summary.
Disk 1
Module 1- Ethics and Standards of Conduct
Module 2- EHS Audit Program Design and Planning
Module 3- EHS Pre -Audit Activities
Disk 2
Module 4- EHS On-Site Audit Activities
Disk 3
Module 5- Post- Audit Activities
Module 6- Internal Controls
Summary of Lessons Learned
After each module, attachments are provided. These are either training exercises or supplementary material that is associated with the training points in the modules. You are encouraged to follow the module discussion in the video segments. The student workbook that is included contains the screen graphics and attachments referred to in the DVD and has a notes section under most of the screen graphics with additional information relating to the graphics presented.
You can pause the video modules whenever you wish and refer to the information in the student workbook. In this way you can proceed at your own pace, starting and stopping the modules and reviewing the materials in more detail as you wish.
This course is designed to assist those new or prospective auditors that plan to apply for certification from the Board of Environmental Health and Safety Certifications, also known as BEAC. This course focuses on the basic auditing principles, skills and competencies specified in the BEAC Auditing Standards and the BEAC certification exam study guides and which are typically included in BEAC certification exams.
Taking this course is no guarantee that students will automatically be certified. The BEAC certification process includes other requirements and skills not included in this Auditing Roundtable basic skills training course.
This course will also be useful to those who simply want to have comprehensive refresher training on basic EHS auditing skills.
The Auditing Roundtable has also developed two additional courses; one that provides training on the auditing details of environmental regulatory compliance requirements and the other that provides training on the auditing details of occupational health and safety regulatory requirements for EHS audits. These courses are not currently offered in DVD format like this Basic Skills training course. Please contact the Auditing Roundtable for more information on the schedule for these course offerings.

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