fca authorisation process

Struggling To Understand All Of The FCA Requirements for Authorisation or Registration?

Not Sure Where You Stand On All The Latest FCA Updates and Projects?
Unsure what “Good” Looks Like and How To Get Through The Process With The Least Fuss?

We Understand Your Frustration.

We Have Been Helping Firms With Their FCA Authorisation or Registration Since 2008.

Understanding The Array Of Regulatory Requirements And Applying Them With Clear Guidance, Is What We Do For You.

We Have A Plan

We will assess your Business Plan and provide you with a fixed quote for the work involved.

We will help you prepare your application pack to the highest quality and likelihood of acceptance, but there is also a lot of work for you to do WITH our help. 

We will saty by your side to the final stage, if you want us to, assisting you answer the many questions there may be.

We get paid more by helping firms that have submitted their own application and got it wrong.

There are specific words or phrases to use, and likewise, certain words and phrases not to use in your application.

If you get it wrong, it can set you back by over 6 months and you could burn cash all the way through.

Get a fully FCA Compliant and complete application pack created by a firm with over 130 years regulatory experience.

We will guide you through the rules and regulations explaining to you and how they apply to your business.

Don’t waste time taking advice from people who don’t know or think they know; listen to those who have nearly half of their annual business reliant on FCA Authorisations or Registrations.

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