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Security Guards – Patrol & Alarm Response Services – Los Angeles 818.925.7606 Innovative Protection

full service security guard provider in greater Los Angeles, and we are happy to offer unarmed or armed customized security solutions for every need and any budget. We’re the security guard company with the most experience and the happiest customers- and we want to show you why.
If you have an upcoming event or ongoing project that requires a highly trained security guard or team of guards, look no further. Get an instant quote and book the best. Innovative Protection is committed to providing security that exceeds your expectations.
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We provide security guard, security patrol, and executive protection amongst a vast array of other security services. We have security guards in Los Angeles, Torrance, Anaheim, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, to Santa Clarita. Our security guard los angeles officers are the best in the business. Our armed security San Fernando Valley officers are highly sought after in the area because of the professionalism and high presence they provide. Our security guards in Los Angeles exemplify strong authority and have a prominent rapport with local law enforcement. Our patrol services in San Fernando are the leaders in all of the South Bay. Our Security Guards in Hollywood can be seen patrolling many different businesses. Our point is that no matter where you need private security services in Southern California we can provide you with local top notch security guards and patrol security specialist. Our patrol security is the leader in the field. Our patrol security vehicles are highly marked and can be seen throughout Southern California. We are not just a parking enforcement company. Our private patrol security is a crime deterrent. With the high presence of our patrol security vehicles it can prevent vandalism before it starts. Our patrol vehicles are all purchased brand new with the latest technology resemble local law enforcement models. If you’re concerned for the security of your family or business, the security professionals at Innovative Patrol have the solution that is right for you. All you have to do is read the local papers or watch the evening news to know that burglaries of businesses and homes have reached near epidemic proportions. Don’t take chances with the safety of your family, employees, valuable personal belongings or business assets. Our security officers in Los Angeles and throughout San Diego are trained and licensed and meet all requirements of the State of California for private security guards, including age, citizenship/residency, and authorization to work in the United States. We are a multi-talented organization with expert professionals who have the background, education and experience to provide a superior level of service in a timely and cost-effective manner. In fact, all of our upper-level management have more than 45 combined years of experience in law enforcement and private security and have been with the company since the company’s inception in 2014. Innovative Protection Patrol is prepared for staffing security for unexpected emergencies. They are typically on site within 1-3 hours.
Our goal is to provide you with one-source security solutions. Whether in areas affecting human, financial, or physical resources, our objective is to protect assets and reduce exposure to loss. The Innovative approach is designed to provide professional assistance to our clients in developing, staffing and operating a security program. If there is an existing program, we work with the client in every way. The entire Innovative Patrol staff provides direct support to your supervisory training, loss-prevention, consulting, and commercial, industrial, and institutional security, to include high-rise buildings, fire/life safety systems, and emergency procedures. Innovative Patrol executive protection provides services to clients all over the globe. We have a travel concierge that can arrange for all travel services, including private jets, yachts and car service. Innovative Patrol has access to any vehicle from exotic cars to a bulletproof Rolls Royce.
We hold our ethics and standards to the highest of levels and conduct ourselves accordingly, remembering that we work for you. At Innovative Patrol, your safety is our business. You’ll sleep easier knowing Innovative Patrol is on the job protecting your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Give us a call today to speak to one of our highly experienced senior-management staff to put together a strategic and cost-effective plan to secure your home, business, warehouse, or event and, most importantly yourself and your family. No problem is too big or small.

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