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Node Summit 2015 – Day Zero: Node.js Dependency Management for Large-Scale Deployments

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Composing a feature-rich solution from smaller Node.js modules is one of the greatest strengths Node.js affords to development teams. A consequence of this development model is that the largest share of the shipped codebase is often written by open source developers. Development teams can easily lose visibility into the changes within the numerous external dependencies between builds and deploys, introducing risk for stability, security and even regulatory compliance. This workshop will explore what it means to ship code in an enterprise environment while balancing the relationship with the open source ecosystem and keeping full transparency and control of the Node.js modules being used. Come join the NodeSource team to discuss best practices we have found successful from around the industry in maintaining your Node.js dependencies.
Bradley Meck, Node Engineer, NodeSource
Ryan Stevens, Principal Consultant, NodeSource
From Node Summit 2015 (February 9, 2015)

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