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Nexxus Partners Community TRANSPARENCY Call JULY 15 2016

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Nexxus Partners Community Webinar – Friday, 15 July 2016
> All confirmed claims have been processed and coins sent out. If a claim was not submitted by 31 May 2016 it is too late.
> 2,950 claims, approximately 900 have confirmed, which means there are approximately 2,000 unconfirmed claims awaiting confirmation of your coin address.
> If you submitted a claim but have not received your coins, it means you have not confirmed your NXC address. Please send an email to: For Class A claims be sure to include your GCR member number; for Class B claims be sure to include your Nexxus affiliate number, and your NXC coin address.
> Once again, personal/self-responsibility is necessary when dealing with cryptocurrency. You are your own bank therefore you are now responsible for your own security and due diligence.
> Many centralized online wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked. This is preventable by some common sense security measures.
> Becoming educated about cryptocurrency, what it is and how it functions, are all integral components of the Nexxus Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course.
> The trend of decentralization requires a high-level of self responsibility. Those who fail to recognize this simple truth are likely to suffer the consequences.
> In your Nexxus affiliate portal (backoffice) there is a separate wallet for payments of membership fees and the payment of commissions and bonuses.
> To be Bonus Qualified — in order to earn bonuses . . if you are a 1 to 3 Star Affiliate your monthly PV is 10. Diamond and Double Diamond have a monthly PV of 25; Triple Diamond and higher is 50 PV monthly. Your Bonus Qualification status is displayed in your affiliate portal under Qualifications.
> To be Withdraw Qualified — you must be Bonus Qualified and you must meet the 70% Retail Sales requirement. Status of your Retail Sales requirement is displayed in your affiliate portal under Qualifications. This means that you MUST either sell at retail or give away AND register at least 70% of your gift certificates that are over 30 days old.
> The reason for these requirements is that Nexxus is a Class A company that is in compliance with regulatory agencies and to protect the Nexxus opportunity for everyone.
> Cryptocurrency must be safe, secure and easy for the common person before it will be adopted by the mainstream public.
> Cryptocurrency is NOT just money or another currency. It is freedom . . freedom from the tyranny of the corrupt financial system and it’s countless number of intermediaries.
> The concept of an elevator pitch; there is a new document in your Business Resource Center is a sample of an “elevator pitch”, which is a short 30 to 60 second pitch about what Nexxus is all about. An elevator pitch describes the problem or challenge, how you propose to solve it, characterizes the problem/challenge, offers a solution and aska a leading question. Can you concisely deliver our message in less than 1 minute?
> Provide just enough information to peak the interest of your prospect . . . don’t oversell.
> Marketing tools . . the Marketing section of your Business Resource Center has been reorganized
> Lead pages . . various perspectives to take depending upon the sitution/orientation of your prospect
> There is a new lead page in your affiliate portal called The Biggest Banking Scam
> Marketing System – Simple recruiting tools . . flowchart for sorting and qualifying prospects
> A new “Getting Started” guide is in the works for new affiliates
> Next Friday, 22 July 2016, the Nexxus Partners Community Webinar will be broadcast from Salt Lake City, UT.
> Upcoming first Independence Conference on Friday, 22 July 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT. See your affiliate portal for more information and to purchase tickets. Tickets for attendance and online streaming are available.
> Local leaders and affiliates are asked to step up and organize an Independence Conference in your area.
El Webinario de la Comunidad de Nexxus Partners – el viernes, 15 de julio de 2016
> Todas las reclamaciones confirmadas han sido procesadas y monedas enviadas. Si una reclamación no se presentó antes del 31 de mayo de 2016 es demasiado tarde. El periodo de reclamación está cerrado.
> 2.950 reclamaciones han sido presentadas, aproximadamente 900 han sido confirmadas, lo que significa que hay aproximadamente 2.000 reclamaciones no confirmadas en espera de la confirmación de tu dirección NXC.
> Si presentaste una reclamación pero no has recibido tus monedas, significa que no se has confirmado tu dirección NXC. Por favor enviar un correo electrónico a: Para las reclamaciones de la Clase A, asegúrese de incluir tu número de miembro de GCR; para las reclamaciones de la Clase B, asegúrese de incluir tu número de afiliado Nexxus, y tu dirección NXC.
> Una vez más, auto-responsabilidad es necesario absolutamente cuando se trata de cr

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