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How to Combat Diabetes With Technology

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Discovering that you have to live with a condition such as diabetes for the rest of your life can be tough to accept. Living with a chronic condition like diabetes can be cumbersome, especially if it requires constant monitoring and care. While technology has not advanced as much to cure diabetes entirely, it has advanced to produce medical devices that can reduce your day to day stress to a great extent.

One of the largest sources of stress among people living with diabetes can be insulin delivery. With multiple injections, puncturing your skin multiple times a day can be traumatic and frustrating and calculating dosages can be time consuming and confusing. However, in recent years, there have been tremendous breakthroughs in insulin injection devices and insulin delivery systems that can help reduce the hardships of insulin delivery. Devices such as injection ports and insulin pens and syringes with smaller needles help ease the pain and anxiety of taking insulin injections; while insulin pumps help the user to accurately calculate doses and deliver insulin by infusion set. These advances have helped those living with diabetes complain more with the insulin delivery. Additionally, tracking blood sugar and carbohydrates levels can be difficult to juggle with any schedule, but is crucial to effective care. To aid in this, various glucose meters and carb sensors have been introduced to the market that make testing quick, painless and easy to incorporate in your daily schedule.

To help you further manage your diabetes, there are various websites that offer tracking software.These sites let you enter details such as daily glucose readings, diet, and exercise, and produce the data in charts allowing you to view your daily activities over a period of time. With the help of these reports, you can gain a better understanding as to what affects your glucose / carb levels and make adjustments when necessary. Printing these reports for your doctor visits can be a helpful resource to help them understand your diabetes management and the variables that might be affecting your levels in a more comprehensive way.

Technological advances can also be used to maintain a healthy weight level for those with diabetes. Recently introduced to the market, the Wii fit is a great way to get the proper amount of exercise you need on a daily basis. While the Wii fit was made for various types of people to use, it has many applications that can directly help those with diabetes. For instance, each person can create a personal profile where height and age are entered, and the Wii fit will automatically calculate weight and body mass index. A profile on the Wii fit charts daily progress based on your own personal weight goals, and many times, when you can see your progress charted out, it's an incentive to keep working and losing weight.

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Source by Catherine Albertson
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