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RCS — Regulatory Compliance Specialist

regulatory compliance specialist training

The RCS Certification teaches you how to manage the regulatory compliance business, compliance scope, compliance testing and examinations, and much more.

The study guide for this certificate discusses the scope of compliance with regulator instructions according to the laws and regulations of various countries. It also discusses the compliance department’s relationship to other departments within an institution — like the legal department and the internal audit department — and how to handle large quantities of local and international regulations to determine compliance responsibility. Lastly, the study guide discusses the compliance testing and examinations process and how it differs from an internal audit review, while helping you implement a risk-based compliance approach and determine the inherited and residual risk of each regulation and how to report violations.

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Course Syllabus HERE

Cost: £3,499 plus VAT (multi-booking? Discounts Available for over 5 candidates)
Payment Plan: Yes – over 4 months maximum
Training Time: Up to 40 Hours – 10 Sessions of 4 hrs – prescheduled over 3 months.
Missed Training?: We provide a PDF of the material used.
Home Study: Slides are not always fully discussed – Home study is expected with Study Guide (included)
Study Book: Included
GCI Membership: 1 Year Membership included from 2 weeks before course start
Minimum Number for course: 5 – if less we will reschedule start time.
Exam Costs: Included (one attempt) plus GCI provides one exam resit (after 30 days of the first attempt) free of charge. Additional retakes will cost 250 USD for CCM Assessments and 100 USD for other Assessments (as long as your membership is active).
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Discounts for 5+ Candidates
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