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Copyright Compliance Series: Episode 1 – Copyright 101: An Introduction to Copyright (3-min. clip)

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This series features attorney Arnold Lutzker, and three fellow attorneys, who answer a number of frequently asked questions about US Copyright. In Episode 1, attorney Arnie Lutzker addresses the key concepts of copyright, including Fixation and Originality; the definition of Copyright “Rights”; Statutory Limitations; Fair Use; the First Sale Doctrine; Owning v. Licensing; Educational Public Performance and Display; the Face to Face Exemption; Statutory Licensing; Exemption for the Blind and Visually Impaired; the Rules of Ownership and the System for Registration; the Term of Copyright; the concept of the Public Domain; Infringement and Liability; the Copyright Regulatory Regime. Produced by Chip Taylor. Series: 10 x 30- to 45-minutes. Episode 1: 1 x 43 minutes. Professional screener courtesy of Chip Taylor Communications. All Rights Reserved. P: 800.876.2447 (US) 603.434.9262 Fax: 603.432.2723 Series Website Link: Episode 1 Website Link:

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