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Compliance Managers Guidebook & Reference: The Responsibility of Compliance Managers Is Growing And It Is Vital They Have Their Finger On The Pulse

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Instruction book on how to conduct a role under UK regulatory requirements for a firm to meet compliance. The Responsibility of Compliance Managers Is Growing And It Is Vital They Have Their Finger On The Pulse As a UK Financial Services Regulatory Compliance Manager who wants to make sure they have all bases covered before any regulatory visit; or maybe you want to know the secret tips of compliance risk assessments and business or operational risks; or perhaps you are new in the job and want insights into hot-topics, enforcement and regulatory methodologies and best practice. If so then the Compliance Manager Guidebook & Reference is written for you. Regulatory Compliance is constantly changing and many people need to know; What do the latest changes mean? What changes have happened to the regulatory Handbooks? What impact does this have on the sales process? Does the documentation need to be changed? Does or sales process need to be amended? Whenever these questions are asked, everyone turns toward “compliance” to ask them. If you are new or an old hand, you need to know what the latest changes are and how to apply the requirements to your firm. If you need any of this and need to develop the role of the compliance officer within the compliance function or the the whole firm then help is at hand. If you are hoping to discover the impacts on compliance and identify areas that cause concern to most compliance professionals, then you’re about to discover how to start improving, right now! In fact, we will deal with a number of aspects of the role of the Compliance Manager concerning the regulators and the regulators current perspective and hotspots, with this Kindle Ebook “Compliance Manager Guidebook,” the best selling Ebook of it’s type, which gives you the answers to 17 important questions and challenges every Compliance Manager faces, including: The regulatory terrain; how did it evolve to today’s landscape? How do you map your firm’s activities to the complianc


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