Transform Your FCA Compliance Strategy with Expert Coaching

compliance doctor individual consulting

Compliance Doctor understands the pain of a Compliance Officer in today’s FCA complex world.

The Problem:

If you identify with;

Regulatory Changes causing resource stress and mental frustration.

Internal Compliance Breaches or failures, frustrating progress and productivity.

Consumer Duty and other cultural and consumer-focused demands.

Internal Risk Assessments showing nothing robust or substantial; but you know there are challenges.

External audits revealing issue and situations that you didn’t know were there.

Resource constraints with holidays, illness (Covid etc) as well as budgetary restrictions causing anxiety.

Complexity of regulations keeping you awake at night.

A lack of trustworthy auditing staff or external reviewers who can marry requirements to your business model.

System integration or heuristics, providing meaningless and inaccurate MI.

The Compliance Doctor holds the CISI Investment Compliance Diploma and has been chartered since 2010, when the CISI was given the Royal charter.

Then we can help you!

STOP Being Alone!

STOP being a small account in a large consultancy!

STOP dealing with different people every time you call!

Compliance Doctor Surgery Invitation: The Choice Is Yours – Group ‘Surgery‘ or ‘Individual Consultation

GROUP coaching sessions offer several benefits

1. Enhanced Learning Opportunities
2. Peer Support and Networking
3. Exposure to Different Perspectives
4. Skill Development
5. Keeping Up-to-Date
6. Improved Stakeholder Management
7. Accountability and Motivation
8. Problem-Solving Skills
9. Professional Recognition and Growth
10. Access to Expert Guidance


compliance doctor individual consulting

Private & INDIVIDUAL accountability coaching sessions, online, personal meetings twice per month & include:

1. Enhancement of Behavioural Skills and Cognitive Abilities: Tailored coaching helps improve personal skills crucial for effective auditing

2. Strengthening Governance Skills: Coaching can focus on increasing the ability of auditors to hold entities accountable, thus enhancing governance quality

3. Quality Improvement in Audit Work: Personalised coaching addresses specific challenges faced by auditors, leading to higher quality in audit functions

4. Increased Productivity and Performance: Accountability coaching is known to boost productivity and performance levels

5. Enhanced Engagement and Satisfaction: Focused coaching leads to greater engagement and satisfaction in audit tasks

6. Transparency and Accountability in Auditing: Coaching emphasises the importance of a transparent and accountable approach in auditing practices


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