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Bureaucratic intruders or prudential investors? Governments in the Telco business

Bronwyn Howell, NZ Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation, Victoria University, Wellington
The efforts of the past thirty years to liberalise the telecommunications industry in Australia and NZ seem to be unravelling, as government funded National Broadband Networks are rolled out. What motivates these government investments that appear to be turning the industry ownership clock back 30 years? What are they likely to achieve? And why can’t the market deliver such outcomes? Indeed, what are the desirable outcomes?
To speak on these issues is Bronwyn Howell, an internationally noted authority on broadband and General Manager of the New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation at Victoria University, Wellington. An economist by training, she has researched and written widely on broadband, telecommunications, internet copyright and property rights in Australasian, North American and European contexts. CIS NZ Policy Analyst Luke Malpass will chair this event and a second speaker is to be advised.

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