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Addiction Treatment Standards of Care on the Rise!

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In light of the current state of affairs with health insurance companies, the community, and addiction treatment programs in Southern California, our industry is in need of a new wave of Quality Treatment Providers. Garry Larabee, founder of Quality Rehab Resources, and a consultant for Pacific Solstice Addiction Treatment Center in Laguna Hills, CA reports that the days of the “Wild West” with Rogue Rehabs and third-party scams are coming to an end. Greed manifested itself in the perfect storm when the Affordable Health Care Act included mandates for insurance companies to pay attention to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act passed in 1988. Treatment center owners became millionaires overnight at the expense of our healthcare dollars as accessibility to treatment increased exponentially, and the handful of ethical players were crushed by the competition, as a mater of fact, some joined the scams. Larabee insists that our industry is in desperate need to fill a void that continues to grow as rehabs close daily. Only now we will see a higher level of players in the marketplace, such as centers owned and operated by clinicians instead of MBA’s. Quality Rehab Resources and Pacific Solstice are proud to announce the beginning of the SoCal Quality Provider Network. QPN represents to the consumer, integrity, trustworthiness, compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards, staff qualifications and competency, and most of all, person-centered care. Pacific Solstice will set the standards for addiction treatment centers of tomorrow. Visit Pacific Solstice at

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